It appears that President Trump is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. TMZ recently reported that the president lent Air Force Two to the family of Senator John McCain to transport his body to the capital. He also honored the other requests of the senator’s family. It is clear that the president was attempting to be the bigger man.

And the media completely ignored it.

Indeed, it’s likely that the press did not want the American public to know about Trump’s gesture to the McCain family. It might not go over so well considering the fact that several speakers at the senator’s funeral used the event to take shots at Trump.


Trump Lends His Plane To McCain Family

Earlier in the week before McCain’s funeral, the president stated that he had signed off on military transport for the lawmaker. “At the request of the McCain family, I have also authorized military transportation of Senator McCain’s remains from Arizona to Washington, D.D., military pallbearers and band support, and a horse and caisson transport during the service at the United States Naval Academy,” Trump said.

TMZ reported that “The late Arizona senator’s casket was loaded onto one of the jets known as Air Force 2 — which is often designated for the VP or First Lady’s travel.” McCain’s family was also allowed to use the plane to travel from Phoenix to D.C. on Thursday afternoon.


Trump Repaid With More Criticism

Of course, the fact that the president granted each of the McCain family’s requests was of no consequence to the left and their allies in the media. Meghan McCain, along with others slammed Trump at the funeral. The media continued to keep up the barrage of criticism throughout the proceedings.

When Senator McCain passed away a week ago, the media could not wait to use his death as a cudgel to smack the president. Indeed, it appears that the media — who launched attack after attack on McCain during the 2008 election — has a newfound respect for the senator. Isn’t it interesting that a man who the left called a bigot so many years ago is now someone that they celebrate as an American hero?

In the days leading up to the senator’s funeral, the media criticized the president for his feud with McCain. I won’t say that Trump did not deserve much of the criticism — he did insult McCain for being captured during Vietnam. Raising the flag to full staff two days after the lawmaker’s death wasn’t a good look either.

However, McCain was not perfect either. He mocked the president and his supporters on a number of occasions.


What Does This Say About The Culture?

In the past, events such as these were met with a certain solemnity. Funerals were intended for the sole purpose of honoring the person who passed away, not as an opportunity for pushing a political agenda. Indeed, even singer Aretha Franklin’s funeral was used to attack the president.

Of course, back then, the president would also not have refused to speak on his political opponent in the aftermath of his death. Unfortunately, this is where our political discourse is now.

It is easy to simply blame this reality on President Trump, who has engaged in harsh rhetoric against his opposition. But a closer look shows that this behavior did not begin with the president, it started before he ever descended the escalator to announce his candidacy.

The media has engaged in Trumplike behavior for decades. They attacked conservatives much in the same way that Trump attacks the media. While they are pretending to respect Senator McCain now, their tone was much different in 2008. They called him a racist. They mocked the way he walked due to injuries sustained during the Vietnam war.

They gave the same treatment to former President George W. Bush and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney. These men were savaged in the media for false allegations of racism and sexism. Trump is not responsible for the current state of our political discourse; he is a symptom of it.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that our culture is ready to return to the civil conversation. President Trump will not be in office forever, but the establishment media will remain when he is gone, and it is unlikely that they will moderate the tone of their reporting. The entertainment industry will not stop mocking conservatives. The left will resist any attempt to inject conservative opinions in their bastion of leftism. For better or for worse, this is now the state of our culture.