“The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.”

– Frederick Douglass

In 2016, the American political landscape was transformed.

Not only did the Republican Party take control of the executive and legislative branches of our government, but they also swept state and local elections. The policies of former President Obama had been thoroughly repudiated by the American public.

One might be tempted to think that this transformation happened during the 2016 campaign, but the reality is that this movement had been brewing for decades. It was the precursor to the ignition of a conservative revolt that put GOP politicians in positions of leadership.


Where Did The Conservative Revolt Start?


The genesis of this revolution occurred in the culture, not the halls of government. The 2016 election was a culmination of the growing resentment of the leftist movement, which has dominated the majority of our cultural institutions.

Through their control of our entertainment industry, news media, and learning institutions, the left has spread their destructive ideology without much in the way of resistance. They used their power to tamp down the voices of conservative Americans.

Powerful leftist individuals and organization have used every method at their disposal to stifle right-wing speech and smear conservatives as raging bigots who are only interested in oppressing historically disenfranchised people while maintaining their fabled white supremacist power structure.

Through the establishment news media, the left has attacked the conservative movement through blatantly biased reporting. Left-leaning journalists have used their platforms to demean conservatives while propping up leftist causes and politicians. Hollywood is full of left-wing entities and individuals who constantly cast anything to do with conservatism as backward and evil. Universities routinely discriminate against conservative professors and indoctrinate our students in leftist ideology.

And they have been doing this for decades.

The left’s dominance over American culture was almost absolute, and this reality necessitated the rise of a conservative counterculture — a movement that decided to push back. In the past, conservatives simply took the abuse, preferring to adopt a more subdued approach to disseminating our ideas. But refusing to strike back as aggressively as our opponents has not been an effective strategy. Finally, conservatives have realized that we must be willing to punch back when attacked — hence the election of President Donald Trump.


The Conservative Movement Has A Huge Tent


Not only has the left’s behavior inspired conservatives to strike back, but it has also even caused others on the left to defect. This is not surprising considering the fact that liberals have been moving farther to the left for the past 20 years. Singer Joy Villa, who received attention — and condemnation for wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammys, stated that left the Democrats because she grew weary of the behavior of many on the left:

“I was tired of the bullying. I was tired of being pushed down so that I couldn’t say my beliefs. And being fearful of losing sales. Losing fans. Losing bookings. Losing contracts and sponsorship. You know, that’s my day to day. And a lot of my friends have the same thing. And we live in Hollywood, which is supposed to be the most open viewpoint city. But the truth is there was a lot of hate and a lot of negativity, and I wanted to change the storyline to love and support and unity as an American.”

Villa isn’t the only one who turned away from the left. Even classical liberals like podcaster Dave Rubin have found themselves more in line with conservatives than the radical ideology of the left. Indeed, you only need to look at the success of the #WalkAway movement to see how many people have become fed up with the left’s antics.

The conservative revolt is nothing less than the result of the culture war that we have been losing for an extraordinary amount of time. The war is being fought on many fronts, including the airwaves, our universities, and in our government.


This Is A Cultural Rebellion


As stated previously, the left has used their power to demonize and silence conservatives so they can spread their ideas without significant opposition. They managed to minimize our presence in the news media, they stifle conservative speech on college campuses, and Hollywood conservatives are blacklisted. Many are even pushing for using the government to restrict our first and second amendment rights.

This is not merely a war for influence. It is a rebellion against the left’s brand of cultural totalitarianism.

To some, it might seem that this conflict is unwinnable. After all, the left does have control over most of the institutions by which ideas are spread. However, conservatives have managed to subvert the left’s dominance in these areas by using alternative media. On the internet, conservatives have had much success when it comes to reaching more people. Why else would the left try so hard to censor right-leaning views on social media platforms and search engines?

Unlike the American revolutionary war against the United Kingdom, this war is not being fought with bayonets and cannons. It’s being fought with alternative media, social media, and grassroots organizing. The conservative revolution is not being televised; it is being digitized.


Where Will This Conflict Lead?


There is no telling where this struggle will take us. Many have predicted that this conflict will result in a new civil war. I’m not convinced. While it is highly likely that more political violence will be perpetrated, a bloody conflict will probably not occur. However, it is clear that this revolt is not going to die down anytime soon.

Conservatives are energized. We have finally seen how the left is attempting to dominate our society and government — and we are concerned that values upon which this nation was founded are under attack. It is important to note that not everyone on the other side of the political spectrum is on board with the far left’s agenda. Unfortunately, many are, and their voices seem to be in the loudest.

There are only two potential outcomes. The first is that the left succeeds in silencing conservatives online and elsewhere. They maintain their grasp on the culture, and they continue to use their influence to persuade more Americans to embrace their ideas of democratic socialism and a more intrusive government.

The second is that conservatives manage to stay ahead of the left’s efforts to squelch their views. We build our own platforms that cannot be destroyed by the left and we continue to make our ideas known. We may never fully dominate the culture; indeed, this is probably not the desired result.

But we can carve out our own territory in the marketplace of ideas, and Americans can more freely choose between our ideas and those of the left. For this to happen, we must leave behind the conservative movement of the past, and work to create a new entity, one that proudly asserts its identity. Instead of remaining n the defensive, we must take the fight to the left’s flawed ideas. Only then will we see the change we wish to make.