You might not like me too much after reading this article.

Why? Because the opinion I’m about to give might not be too popular among many on the right. But it needs to be said.

Conservatives, some of us are getting into the race-baiting business, and we should stop. While falsely labeling one’s opponents as racists without evidence is typically a tactic favored by the left, this tendency seems to be creeping into the conservative movement.

Today, conservative activist Candace Owens slammed actor Chris Evans for criticizing Kanye West. But she didn’t simply refute his silly argument — she called him a racist.

It wasn’t a good idea.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Candace Owens as much as the next guy (or girl). She is doing great things for the conservative movement. But labeling someone as a racist when there is clearly no racism present isn’t going to benefit our movement.


Candace Owens Slams Chris Evans As A Racist

As you already know, Kanye West came out as a Trump supporter earlier this year, and the left threw virtual temper tantrums on Twitter and other social media outlets. Other celebrities slammed him for daring to wear a MAGA hat. It is no secret that the left hates it when members of their valued victimhood class refuse to toe the leftist line.

Recently, Kanye posted the following tweet:

Chris Evans apparently didn’t appreciate West’s tweet. He responded on Twitter:

It is not clear whether Evans had an assistant help him with the big words, or if he used a thesaurus. But either way, it’s clear that he took great umbrage at West’s words.

And this is where Candace Owens came in. She tweeted:

But she didn’t stop there. She followed up by tweeting a periscope video in which she states that the actor “basically called Kanye a dumb n*gger.”

Here’s the problem: There was absolutely nothing in Evans’ tweet that indicated racist feelings towards West. It is likely that he did not agree with West’s statement about the 13th amendment, which outlawed slavery but makes an exception for felons.

Owens and many of her followers seem to believe that Evans was talking down to the rapper, implying that he is too stupid to be discussing these issues because he is black. I agree that Evans was being condescending, especially considering the fact that he obviously misunderstood the point West was making. However, there is nothing in his tweet that indicates racism. I hate to say it, but Owens’ tweets were just another example of good old fashioned Al Sharpton-approved race baiting.


Conservatives, Let’s Not Embrace Race Baiting

Remember when any white person who criticized Obama was automatically a racist? What about progressives who routinely smear the majority of police officers as racist because of the actions of a few. For decades, conservatives have complained about the left’s annoying habit of calling their political opponents racist for daring to disagree with them. But now, some of us are doing the same thing.

Some may not want to admit it, but Owens’ tweet was exactly the type of behavior that we see on the left — and we should not be celebrating it. From a persuasion perspective, there is absolutely no benefit to throwing out the “R” word for no good reason.

For starters, it makes us look like hypocrites. Don’t we always make fun of those snowflakes who use accusations of racism as a way to avoid debate? Of course we do. Why? Because race baiting is a lazy, intellectually dishonest, and asinine way to score political points. How do you think this makes us look to the people who might be otherwise open to hearing our ideas?

Then, there is the fact that the race-baiting tactic isn’t as effective as it was in its heyday. How many times have you seen a far left-wing leader falsely accuse a Republican of racism, and then think to yourself “That’s how they got Trump?” Probably more times than you can count.

One of the reasons why the GOP won in 2016 is because we finally got fed up with the left’s race-baiting antics. Now, when the left calls someone a bigot for no good reason, conservatives push back. In fact, Trump is a gigantic middle finger to those who recklessly hurl accusations of racism.

So, if it’s not working for the left, what would make one think it will work for us? Anyone can clearly see that Chris Evans is not a bigot. More than that, people can tell that we know he is not a racist, which means any sensible person will see our cries of racism for what they are: Cheap political theater.

Instead of embracing this doomed strategy, let’s leave the race baiting to the left. In the end, it’s going to hurt them far more than it hurts us.