The left-wing media is notorious for using deceptive reporting to further their political agenda, but in their reporting on President Trump’s speech in Ohio, they sunk to new lows. Yes, I know it’s hard to imagine that it is possible to go lower than they already have, but progressives always find a way to surprise us.

Last Friday, President Trump gave a speech at a rally in Lebanon, Ohio in which he discussed Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s military campaign against the Union during the Civil War. NBC, Politico, and several other outlets published stories slamming the president for praising Lee, who fought for the side that favored slavery.

But there was one problem: These outlets were lying through their teeth.

Leftist Media Lies About Trump Speech

Last Friday, Politico published a piece titled: “Trump praises Robert E. Lee during Ohio rally.” The Washington Post put out a similar headline: “Trump calls on blacks to ‘honor’ Republicans with votes, then praises Confederate general Robert E. Lee.”

NBC News posted a video on Twitter with a comment which read:

So what’s the issue here? Trump apparently praised General Lee, so he’s an obvious racist who wants to bring back slavery, right? Wrong. The full clip of this section of Trump speech reveals that he spoke of Lee as a way to build up to the actual subject of his comments: Union General Ulysses S. Grant, who was the commander who managed to defeat Lee’s army. If you watch the video in NBC’s tweet, you can see that the news outlet deliberately left out the part where Trump heaps praises on Grant for accomplishing what no other general could.

It is true that the establishment media often makes mistakes in their reporting, but at times, the press will outright lie to further their agenda and support their narrative. This story represents the latter. Each of these news outlets watched the video and chose to highlight the portion where Trump discusses General Lee.

In Politico’s article, they do admit that the president was focusing primarily on Grant, but their headline was deliberately crafted to be misleading. Why? Because they know that 8 out of 10 readers only read the headline without actually viewing the article. It’s a clever way to deceive the American public into buying into the left’s narrative.

But it gets even worse. When he was president, Barack Obama actually didpraise Robert E. Lee at a 2009 when he spoke at a celebration of the general’s 202nd birthday. I suppose the left doesn’t have a problem with a black man honoring a Confederate general if he’s a Democrat.

Countering The Media’s Lies

It is no secret that the legacy media is intent on opposing Republicans. They claim to be objective in their reporting, but any sane person can see that they are clearly pursuing a left-wing agenda. The Fourth Estate used to be the party that held the government accountable. Unfortunately, this now only applies if the government is being run by conservatives.

The left’s hold on the press gives them tremendous power to influence public opinion, and they have no qualms about using their platforms for this purpose. But conservatives can, and are fighting back. When the media publishes deceptive stories, we need to make sure that we are diligent about exposing the lies.

Conservatives have found an effective way to use alternative media to publish the truth. But you don’t have to be Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder to push back against the dishonesty of the press. We all have platforms — even if they are small. You have influence over your friends and family. Moreover, if you are active on social media, you have the means to communicate the truth to those who follow you.

Use any platforms that you have — even if you only have 20 followers. You never know how many people can be influenced by those you reach. It is important for all of us that we work to counter the left’s lies using every means available to us. If we all stand up and expose the many deceptions of the left-wing media, it will be harder for their lies to sway public opinion.