Last Thursday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave their testimonies before Congress. Ford reiterated her claim that the judge sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school. Kavanaugh gave a spirited defense, claiming that he has never sexually assaulted anyone.

The hearing has sparked a heated debate over the allegations against Kavanaugh. Despite the fact that Ford’s claims are uncorroborated and lacking in evidence, many on the left still view the judge as a sexual predator.

Left-leaning journalists and politicians are working day and night to convince the American public that Kavanaugh’s testimony was not credible. They are finding any reason they can to disqualify him from sitting on the bench of the highest court in the land.

Unfortunately, most of their arguments are based on falsehoods. In this post, I’ll show you how to debunk the 4 most prominent lies the Democrats — and their allies in the legacy media — are propagating.

Ford’s Testimony Was Credible

The main point the left is making is that Ford’s testimony was entirely credible, with no fatal flaws. They ignore the fact that nobody has stepped forward to back up her claims. Her faulty memory does not seem to give them pause. The lack of detail does not seem to matter to them. In their minds, Ford’s words are gospel.

Journalist Jennifer Rubin — a leftist who plays a conservative on television — recently penned a piece for The Washington Post in which she parrots many of the lies the left is perpetuating. She writes:

“Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony was entirely believable and consistent with her prior statements, her insistence on an ugly home remodel to soothe her fear of being trapped, her polygraph, Kavanaugh’s own July 1 calendar entry (noting beer drinking with other teenagers present on a night that could well have been the night of the attack) and a deluge of evidence from high school and college of his excessive drinking, which remains the constant thread through his accusers’ accounts. A single witness can be sufficient to convict someone; a horrifying job reference requires an applicant’s rejection.”

Sounds pretty compelling right? Not really. For starters, not all of her statements have been consistent. In 2012, she told her therapist that there were four boys in the room when Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her. Now, she says there were two, Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge.

Rubin’s assertion that Ford’s polygraph proves the veracity of her claims is equally erroneous. As you already know, polygraphs are not as accurate as she wants us to believe. There’s a reason why they are not admissible in court, right? Moreover, she was asked only two questions when she took the test. Doesn’t sound very thorough, does it?

Kavanaugh’s Opposition To FBI Investigation Proves His Guilt

During his testimony, Democratic senators repeatedly tried to badger Kavanaugh into calling for an FBI investigation. Indeed, they have been pushing for an FBI investigation since Ford’s claims were made public. Of course, as Senator Orrin Hatch rightly pointed out, Democratic lawmakers could have easily requested an investigation in July, when Senator Dianne Feinstein received Ford’s letter. Now, they are saying that Kavanaugh’s refusal to directly ask for an investigation is somehow proof of his guilt.

Kavanaugh Was Too Emotional

Many on the left are claiming that Kavanaugh’s impassioned defense of his integrity was a sign that he is guilty. Not only that, it somehow means that he cannot be an effective Supreme Court justice. Apparently, the left expected him to remain stone-faced as he denied Ford’s claims.

This is a disingenuous argument.

Let’s be real. If you were being accused of committing a crime as serious as sexual assault, would you remain calm, cool, and collected? Would the fact that the media is dragging your name through the mud while crazed leftists are sending death threats through your wife not enrage you?

When Kavanaugh gave his testimony, he acted like most of us would: With righteous anger. If he is being unfairly accused, his rage is justified. He defended himself and lashed out at the individuals who are all too willing to ruin his life with unsubstantiated allegations — and rightly so.

The judge was correct to call the proceedings “a national disgrace.” He was justified in calling it a “grotesque and coordinated character assassination” because that’s exactly what these accusations are. Also, the term “high-tech lynching” was already taken so he couldn’t use that one.

Kavanaugh Won’t Be A Fair Justice

The final and arguably the most ridiculous argument the left is using is that Kavanaugh’s attacks on the Democrats indicate that he will not be an impartial justice. In her piece, Rubin writes:

“Kavanaugh’s anger and, more worrisome, his baseless assertion of a political smear inspired by the Clintons(!) and his anger toward Democrats reveal his partisan core. No Democratic claimant or party going before him can have confidence he will deliver an impartial ruling.”

So let’s play this out. If a Democrat lawyer is arguing a case before the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh — who is known as a constitutional originalist — will say to himself “Well, that guy’s got a good point, but the Democrats tried to ruin my life, which makes him guilty by association, so I’m gonna rule against him. White power!”

Doesn’t sound very likely does it? Moreover, there is absolutely no evidence that Kavanaugh has allowed his personal opinions to influence his rulings. It’s also worth noting that the attacks against him are of a partisan nature. He’s not going to slam Republicans because they are not the ones attempting to destroy his career.

Kavanaugh Needs To Be Confirmed ASAP

If there is no compelling evidence showing that Kavanaugh is a sexual abuser, the Senate needs to confirm him as soon as possible. Now, I’m not just saying this because I’m sick of wall-to-wall coverage of this fiasco (although that certainly is a part of it), I’m saying it because there is just no reason to keep this debate going.

Nevertheless, the GOP cannot allow the left to delay Kavanaugh’s appointment. When the week-long investigation ends, and the FBI does not turn up anything new, they must vote to confirm him immediately despite the left’s inevitable protestations. Then, we can move on to other news.