If you needed any more evidence that Google is actively working to push a left-wing agenda, this story should prove to be convincing. Both Fox News and Breitbart News recently obtained an email sent by a senior employee of the company indicating a clear bias against President Trump.

Google, along with other tech companies, has been accused of using their platform to influence political opinion. The popular search engine has been accused of suppressing conservative sources while elevating left-wing sites. The email in question lends a level of credibility to these allegations.


Email Reveals Google’s Actions During Election

Shortly after the 2016 election, Eliana Murillo, Google’s Multicultural Marketing department head, sent an email with the subject line: “Election results and the Latino vote,” that was circulated to a number of employees. The email outlines the company’s efforts to encourage Hispanic voters to participate in the election. The purpose was clear: Help Hillary Clinton to win the presidency.

The 4-page long email shows that Murillo fully intended to use Google’s resources to ensure that Clinton won the election. Her bias is evident in the text; she refers to Google’s efforts by using the term “silent donation.”

Murillo begins the email by discussing her desire to “get out the Latino vote with our features, our partners, and our voices.” At first, she states that they would make sure their approach was non-partisan, but later in the email, she admits that she was not an objective actor.


Voto Latino

One of the ways Murillo pushed to get more Hispanics to the voting booths was to partner with other organizations, most notably, Voto Latino, a leftist activist group. She wrote:

“We also supported partners like Voto Latino to pay for rides to the polls in key states (silent donation). We even helped them create ad campaigns to promote the rides (with support from HOLA folks who rallied and volunteered their time to help). We supported Voto Latino to help them land an interview with Senator Meza of Arizona (key state for us) to talk about the election and how to use Google search to find information about how to vote. They were a strong partner, among many in this effort.”

To be clear, Murillo is admitting to using Google’s search engine and influence to get more Latinos to vote. Indeed, this is where she refers to the “silent donation,” that could raise eyebrows at the Federal Election Commission (FEC). But it is the next paragraph where she explicitly admits that her objective was to help Clinton defeat Trump.


Murillo Reveals Her True Intentions

Murillo indicates that she originally believed that by boosting the number of Latino voters in the 2016 election, she would help Clinton get elected. She erroneously believed that only a minuscule number of Latinos would support Trump. “Ultimately, after all, was said and done, the Latino community did come out to vote, and completely surprised us,” she wrote. “We never anticipated that 29% of Latinos would vote for Trump. No one did. We saw headlines like this about early voter turn out and thought that this was finally the year that the ‘sleeping giant’ had awoken.”

After writing that she was surprised by the number of Hispanics who supported Trump, she admits that she tried to “stay objective,” but the result of the election has made Latinos “afraid for our families, and especially for the millions of immigrants who now don’t know what the future holds for them.”


The Ramifications

Both Breitbart News and Fox reached out to Google for comment. A spokesperson told Breitbart: “The views expressed in this email are the employee’s personal political views and are not representative of any official stance from the company.” They reiterated their claim that their election efforts “have been entirely nonpartisan.”

However, this email — while being the most brazen example of Google’s bias — is not the only indicator that the company is not being forthcoming in the way their political biases influence their actions. There are several other pieces of evidence that Google’s operations are decidedly biased in favor of the left. 90% of the company’s political donations go to left-leaning candidates. In 2017, a study revealed that Google’s search results push left-leaning opinions higher than conservatives.

This reality is far more dangerous than we can imagine.

Google is the most commonly used search engine, netting 65% of all consumers.  By manipulating the content, consumers see when they type in particular keywords, they can easily steer the public into viewing the type of material the left would want them to see. This could have serious ramifications for the nation’s elections and American culture. They essentially possess the power to influence millions of people without their knowledge.

Before the invention of the internet and search engines, political victory was mostly decided by spirited debate and cunning persuasion. Now, we live in an era where particular groups can leverage their power to limit the opinions to which Americans are exposed. By making it more difficult to study an issue from a conservative point of view, the left has successfully placed their thumb on the scale. They are rapidly transforming the internet into a virtual Las Vegas casino, where the odds are stacked in favor of the house.

Fortunately, Google does not control all of the search traffic. There are several alternative search engines that do not operate on a particular ideology, nor do they track your search habits. Many of these other options work just as effectively as Google and will show you content from more diverse sources. As long as the left has not taken over the internet, they will not be able to fully control the information we consume.


This article was originally published on Liberty Nation.