Recently hip-hop artist and actor Donald Glover — AKA Childish Gambino — released a video titled “Feels Like Summer.” The video depicts the artist walking down the street in a neighborhood populated by notable figures in the black community. It shows Whitney Houston, Drake, Beyonce, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, and others.

But the video has one appearance that has inspired conversation more than the rest: Kanye West. In the video, West is shown crying when Michelle Obama approaches from behind and hugs him. The image sparked a conversation on social media about the rapper and his apparent need to be saved.

It isn’t hard to guess why Kanye West needs saving. Obviously, his support for President Donald Trump is some indicator of some type of mental breakdown for which he needs a savior. Indeed, many on the left have claimed that West is supporting the president because he is having mental problems.

After all, in the minds of the left, mental illness is the only reason why a black man would have a favorable view towards Trump, who is seen as a Hitleresque monster who is intent on destroying the black community.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: This is how they got Trump. The truth is that West does not need saving just because he has different political views. Indeed, the left’s reaction to West’s love for Trump reveals the type of condescension against those who do not toe the leftist line that pushed people to vote for the president in the first place.


Saving Kanye West

It is worth noting that Childish Gambino has not yet explained the meaning of the scene in question, but we all like to speculate as to the meaning of any work of art, don’t we? The Root chimed in with this tweet:

Obviously, the tweet reflects the prevailing view among the left that reasonable black Americans must vote for Democrats, or there is something wrong with them. Another Twitter user commented:

She’s right — it is not the job of black women to fix black men. But again, why does Kanye West need to be saved? Here’s another:

And what exactly do black men have to figure out? Sure, we all need to figure out what we believe — but unless someone believes that gigantic killer pandas are going to invade the earth, one does not need to be saved simply because they hold certain political views.


Kanye West Doesn’t Need Saving

Kanye West is his own person. He can make his own decisions. He has definitely engaged in erratic behavior in the past, but this does not mean that his support for President Trump is rooted in mental illness.

Perhaps he became tired of just believing what others are pressuring him to believe. Maybe he made up his own mind and realized that the Democrats aren’t getting the job done when it comes to the black community.

Those who assert that West needs to be saved by a black woman because of his beliefs are demonstrating the very reason why so many have fled the Democrat Party. They are literally demeaning a black man for not following along with the rest of the black community.

It doesn’t seem that these individuals have stopped to consider the fact that maybe blacks have realized that the Democrats have not done much for the black community despite enjoying 90% of its votes for decades. Perhaps those who are slamming West would be better served by actually engaging with him instead of writing him off.

When West first came out as a Trump supporter, rapper T.I. voiced his disagreement. But he was adult enough to handle it by having a man-to-man conversation with West. They even recorded a track expressing their differing views. That’s how we should deal with these issues, not by pretending that those with whom we disagree are somehow mentally ill. Unfortunately, it appears that West’s critics aren’t going to learn that lesson anytime soon.