The media is willing to go to any lengths — no matter how ridiculous — to attack the Trump administration. In this particular story, left-leaning journalists engaged in all kinds of mental gymnastics to blame the president for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist who went missing last week after entering a Saudi consulate in Turkey.

On many occasions, the press has attempted to compare Trump to strongman dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin and others. Many have even intimated that he is the second coming of Adolph Hitler. Of course, they are fully aware of the fact that Trump is nothing like these leaders, but it appears they believe the American public is gullible enough to buy what the media is selling.

This particular story is no different.

Brian Stelter Blames Trump For Khashoggi’s Murder

Newsbusters reported that during a conversation with Fred Hiatt, The Washington Post’s editorial editor, CNN’s Brian Stelter attempted to link Khashoggi’s murder to President Trump. In the interview, Stelter — a progressive activist disguised as a journalist — asked Hiatt if the murder was related to Trump’s criticism of the establishment media. “I wonder if you look at what’s happened in the last 12 days, and you wonder if ‘enemy of the people’ rhetoric, not just from President Trump, but also then from other world leaders has anything to do with this, anything at all?”

Hiatt avoided linking Trump to Khashoggi’s murder, stating that it is important “to keep focused on the actual criminal.” You would think this would indicate that he was trying to be fair to the president, but he went on to state that dictators now “feel emboldened.” He stated that this is occurring “in part because the United States is retreating from its traditional role as a leader in the world, standing up for the democratic values and including freedom of expression.”

The Post’s editor pointed to the Russian government’s poisoning of a dissident in the United Kingdom and China’s actions toward Hong Kong as situations that support his claim. Funny, none of these individuals had anything to say when similar incidents occurred under President Obama, who went on an apology tour through the Middle East. How curious.

Later in the program, Stelter spoke with Shadi Hamid, contributing editor for The Atlantic. He posed the same question to Hamid, who claimed that the president has “emboldened and empowered autocrats.” He also asserted that dictators “don’t take Trump seriously when it comes to anything having to do with human rights.”

Both men agreed that Trump would only punish Saudi Arabia if he felt “taunted,” or “disrespected” by the leader of the country. Of course, Trump’s decision to bomb Syria twice in response to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s using chemical weapons against women and children did not come up in their conversation.

This Is Why Nobody Trusts The Media

Stelter’s insipid attempt to form a tenuous link between Trump’s rhetoric and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi demonstrates why the American public has lost trust in the press. With a straight face, journalists like Stelter claim to be objective reporters, but their actions clearly reveal their bias.

Left-leaning journalist might think they’re fooling people by claiming they are objective purveyors of the truth, but any sensible person can watch a broadcast from outlets like CNN, NBC, and ABC and easily see that they are attempting to pursue a progressive agenda. Given the number of times these organizations have published blatantly deceptive stories, it is no surprise that Americans second guess their reporting.

After Trump took office, he repeatedly used a term “fake news” to describe the legacy media. With stories like this one, it is easy to see that the press has worked hard to earn that moniker. The more we expose the behavior of our fourth estate, the less they will be able to influence the American public. Conservatives can no longer afford to allow the press to get away with using their platforms to influence instead of inform.