As you may have already seen, several GOP lawmakers have grown some serious cojones in the wake of the contentious confirmation of newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. We saw Senators Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, and Orrin Hatch push back against the far-left and their close friends and allies in the establishment media.

Now, it appears that Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy is stepping up to the plate as well. The lawmaker was recently accosted by protesters as he walked through the halls in Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, the altercation did not go as the protesters intended.

Sen. Bill Cassidy Rebukes Protester


The Daily Caller reported that “anti-Brett Kavanaugh protesters flooded Capitol Hill for weeks before his eventual confirmation to the Supreme Court, walking hallways in protest, holding loud demonstrations and confronting senators in their office buildings.”

Despite the fact that the left lost the Kavanaugh battle, they are still harassing Republican senators. Alethea Torrellas Shapiro is one of the individuals who has confronted lawmakers, likely heeding the advice of Senator Cory Booker — AKA Senator Spartacus — who encouraged Democrats to “get in the face” of politicians with whom they disagree.

Recently, Shapiro decided to take on Senator Cassidy as he walked through the hallway. Like any good progressive, she announced her intentions on Twitter. She tweeted:

“Tomorrow I plan on birddogging in the Senate hallways and basement with all 4 of my kids (my daughters are 12, 10 and my boys are 5, 3). I went these horrible atrocious men to see the faces of the future that they are ruining and to know the tremendous pain women and men are feeling now that they confirmed Kavanaugh. So if you have 1-2 lines for me to tell them, or a message what should I say??? I need help! I also want to address their Kavanaugh confirmation so what do I say…”

The next day, with her camera phone activated, Shapiro approached the senator. “Senator Cassidy, can you please apologize to my children for ruining their futures?” she asked.

Pretty standard progressive fare, right? Now, normally, this is where the Republican leader would either walk away with his tail between his legs or give an apologetic argument for why he made a particular decision.

Not anymore.

Cassidy turned to Shapiro’s kids and said: “Hey, guess what. I know your parents are using you as tools.” As Shapiro protested, he continued: “But in the future, if somebody makes an allegation against you, and there’s no proof for it, you will be okay. Thank you.”

Then he turned and walked away. Like a boss.

Shapiro was left to shout at the senator’s back: “Shame on you for not believing women and for ruining my daughter’s lives.”

I can’t read minds, but I suspect the encounter did not go the way she thought it would.

It’s About Time

This latest encounter is yet more evidence that Republicans have become fed up with the far left’s antics. They are no longer willing to bow down and acquiesce to the progressives’ worst tendencies. After all, it is one thing to oppose a politician — it’s quite another to get in their face and use your kids as political pawns.

In today’s political climate, this type of behavior has become normal. It is not likely that this individual considered the potential impact of her actions on her children. She is essentially convincing them that their lives are going to be ruined because of a confirmation hearing. What impact could one possibly expect this to have on a child?

Bill Cassidy’s response was appropriate. He did not sit and argue with Shapiro in front of her children — it would have been a waste of his time. This woman did not come to have a conversation — she came to film a viral video that would showcase her heroism as she shouted at a GOP lawmaker and told her kids that he was ruining their lives.

Unfortunately, the video did go viral, but it only served to highlight the abhorrent behavior of many on the far-left. Hopefully, more conservatives will have refuse to be bullied by progressives who attempt to shame them for their views.