Politics is downstream from culture. – Andrew Breitbart

America is currently embroiled in a war over its culture. Both sides are vying for influence over the public.

This is not a shooting war. Instead, it is a war of ideas — of persuasion and rhetoric. Our battlefields are the airwaves, the internet, and our everyday in-person interactions. In each theater, we defend our views while attacking the arguments of those with whom we disagree.

The Culture Beat is a conservative blog that seeks to understand the culture, and how we can prevail in the national debate. This publication will have something for everyone: Never Trumpers, Trump fanatics, and everyone in between.

While the blog will focus on politics and the issues, our primary focus will be the culture and the raging conflict we are witnessing today. At The Culture Beat, we will dissect the myriad of news stories to which we are exposed on a daily basis. We will delve into the many feuds, conflicts, and arguments that present themselves during our ever-hectic news cycle. But, unlike most other sites, we will not stop at commentary.

The majority of the content we will publish will put forth potential solutions, actionable steps we can take to defend our place in American culture. When the far left threatens yet another boycott against a conservative organization, we will discuss how conservatives should push back.

Are the race baiters on the left falsely accusing another conservative of racism? We will seek out ways to destroy the narrative. 

With the advent of social media, we all have a voice. Whether you have 30 followers, or 30,000 followers, you can reach people online and in your personal life. 

Who are our readers? They are patriots who have grown weary of the left’s stranglehold on American culture.

They are individuals who are tired of the constant left-leaning bias of our establishment media institutions.

They wish to see an end to the indoctrination of our college students.

They are concerned by the left’s attempts to stifle conservative speech online.

They are tired of being falsely accused of being racist/sexist/misogynist/homophobe, and every other name in the social justice warrior handbook.

Our readers are not content to simply read a news article and come away with the same commentary you can read on any other blog. They don’t want to just discuss the problem, they want to discuss solutions. 

Conservatives have typically been on the receiving end of the left’s constant ridicule and attacks. But now, we are in the midst of a conservative revolt against the left’s cultural totalitarianism. Now, it is time to fight back.